Lovego LG103 Portable Oxygen Concentrator


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Lovego LG103 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Get your 3rd generation  Lovego LG103 oxygen machine now.  Fully portable with built-in trolley. 90 to 96% oxygen.  

Up to 7 liter/min high concentration oxygen pulsed.  Up to 7 hour Li-ion battery backup depending on flow rate.

Portable oxygen machines improve mobility and quality of life for persons requiring more oxygen – even when travelling or away from home e.g. due to COPD.  (Suitable for conditions like Covid lung insufficiency, Emphysema, Asthma, Pulmonary Fibrosis, pneumonia etc as prescribed by your doctor.)

An Oxygen Concentrator is the most convenient source of oxygen, with lower cost in the long run.  No more oxygen cylinders requiring emergency refill.

Contact us directly for possible  ‘Rent to buy’  – 70% deposit required.  (Much better value for money than rent in long run.)  Alternatives: Financed by Mobicred: – you only pay installments as monthly ‘rent’. (Buy-back can be agreed.)


  • Pulse Flow Settings: 1 to 7 lpm with 90 – 96% O2 concentration. (Oxygen released when you inhale.)
  • Continuous Flow Settings: adjustable 0.5  to 2.5 lpm with  above 90% O2 concentration.
  • 4 Safety alarms: no flow, no breath, low oxygen and low battery alarm.
  • O2 concentration indicator.
  • Power Sources:  Utility 110V – 220 V AC, 50/60 Hz,  car 12 V cigarette plug or battery included.
  • Battery backup up to 7 hours – depending on flow settings.
  • Built-in trolley.
  • 40dB noise level for a peaceful sleep environment during the night.

For more information about the advantages of good blood oxygen saturation, please read the following article.

Package information

Weight 8.1 kg
Dimensions 36 × 27 × 43 cm


Product Information

Model number:  Lovego LG103 Oxygen Concentrator
Oxygen concentration:  95% – 90%
Flow: Adjustable 0.5 to 7 liter/min
Power (W):  30W~120W
Voltage:  110V or 240V

Dimensions:   23cm x 22cm x 33 cm
Net weight:  6.35 kg
Sound level:  ≤40 dBA

Chemistry of Battery:   Lithium Ion 14.8 VDC (nominal)

Battery Charge Time:  Approximately 4 to 5 hours

Battery backup:  Up to 7 hours depending on flow settings


This product carries a 6-month warranty

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