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The Hybernite Universal Heated Pipe provides the best humidification possible. It has a 22mm connector making it widely compatible with a range of CPAP, APAP and BiPAP machines.   No more rainout from the humidifier (condensation build-up) and no more inconsistent treatment pressures. A Heated Pipe keeps the air at the same temperature from the moment it leaves the humidifier. Finally, heated pipes are available for any PAP machine! 

The Hybernite allows the very best performance from your existing humidifier.

Heated tubing, for more comfort!

Many users experience “rainout” when using a humidifier. This term refers to condensation build-up in the hose/tube or mask. This is a result of hot air from the humidifier coming into contact with a cold tube or hose. When this happens, users experience discomfort and even gargling noises.

Another common problem is finding an empty humidifier chamber in the morning. This happens when a humidifier increases its heat to compensate for loss of temperature in the pipe.

A heated pipe eliminates these problems by keeping the air inside the tube warm.

Humidification with regular hoses can also negatively affect the quality of your therapy. As the humidified air cools, it affects the air pressure. If you are using a fixed pressure machine, then you may be receiving less pressure than you need as a result, making your therapy less effective. For automatic users, your machine may be able to run at a lower average pressure, meaning greater comfort. Using the Hybernite Universal Heated Pipe helps ensure your CPAP therapy is as comfortable and accurate as possible while using humidification.




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Power Supply Unit Location: The Power Supply Unit is included with this product. The manufacturer recommends that the Power Supply Unit (PSU) for the Hybernite should be placed on the floor during operation. 

Humidification Required: The Hybernite Heated Tubing must ALWAYS be used with water humidification to avoid elevated airflow temperatures. 

Hose and Ambient Temperatures: The Hybernite hose will reach a temperature between 35°C and 40°C degrees without airflow from the machine. The Hybernite system is recommended to be used in a room with an ambient temperature between 5°C and 30°C. The system should not be used in ambient room temperatures above 30°C. 

Hose Covers: It is recommended that an insulated hose cover or other textile objects NOT be used with the Hybernite Heated Tubing to avoid elevated temperatures. 

Recommended Cleaning: Before cleaning the power connection must be disconnected from the tubing. The tubing itself should be washed with mild soap and lukewarm water, then rinsed well, hung and allowed to dry. Tap the electrical connection end of the hose on a hard surface to release any water that could be caught inside. The tubing must be COMPLETELY dry before reconnecting to power. 


This product carries a 6-month warranty

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