Byond EaseFit Nasal Mask


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Byond EaseFit Nasal Mask NMI:

Nasal Mask Features:

  • Adaptive to different faces (S/M/L)
  • Comfortable silicon cushions with dual-wall
  • Colourless and transparent
  • Easy to wear with headgear
  • Durable, non-disposable
  • Easy to clean with warm soap water
  • Micro vent holes

Note: The size of nasal mask that you require depends on the length and width of your nose.

Length: (From the upper eyelid to the lowest point of the nose)

  • (S) Small = 4.5 ~ 5.0 cm
  • (M) Medium = 5.0 ~ .5.5 cm
  • (L) Large = 5.5 ~ 6.0 cm

Width: (Distance between nose nostril’s outer edges)

  • (S) Small = Smaller than 2,5 cm
  • (M) Medium = Smaller than 3,0 cm
  • (L) Large = Smaller than 3,5 cm

Please note: Choose the greater size measurement for the mask size

Operation process:

  1. Before wearing the mask attach the headgear to both sides of the top of the mask and both sides of the mask clips.
  2. Gently place the mask into the correct position on your face and adjust the top headgear to be firm but not tight.
  3. Attach the bottom straps to the mask using the clips and adjust to be firm but not tight. (Wear the mask as loose as possible without it leaking)

Compatible with CPAP, Auto CPAP and BiPAP machines.

Package information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 36 × 27 × 27 cm

Small, Medium, Large


No warranty is offered on masks

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