BMC full face mask model F1B


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The BMC full face mask F1B is versatile.
This F1B mask has the full configuration you could ever imagine, such as a:

  • double-layer cushion,
  • multifunctional oxygen ports,
  • multiple forehead adjustments and
  • anti-asphyxia valve.

Required for new CPAP and Auto CPAP users.

Note: Size depends on face length. Distance between eyes and below lips.

(S) Small = 8 ~ 9 cm
(M) Medium = 9 ~ 10 cm
(L) Large = 10 ~ 11.5 cm

Remarkable comfort:
A dual-wall cushion will significantly fit your face with minimal pressure points. The slide-in design provides you with a high-level seal and effective treatment.
Wonderful forehead adjustment:
Forehead adjustment enables you to find the most suitable level for your forehead and ensures the premium comfort of mask fitting.
Quiet venting and extra convenience for oxygen input:
Fine and concentrated vents are designed to disperse air gently and quietly, meanwhile effectively reducing dead space. Double built-in ports make the connection to oxygen very convenient.

Package information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 39 × 29 × 0.9 cm

Small, Medium, Large


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