CPAP Machine

Sleep Apnea Machine

Get your constant pressure CPAP machine as lowest price option to prevent obstructive sleep apnea and snoring. It maintains Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP).

The pressure required must be known and set before sleep. All  PAP machines can help keep airway open to enable deep sleep.

Always get enough oxygen!  Rest better for more energy, lower health risks and enjoy better  quality of life.

Buy an automatic pressure CPAP machine (APAP) to also get automatically adjustment of PAP.

These advanced machines provide reports on screen or by pdf copy.  Free self-test titration results are available to be able to adjust settings for best comfort.

APAP can be more comfortable and more effective for preventing obstructive sleep apnea and snoring.

Get an Oxygen machine for home use to lower Hypoxia stress on organs.  Feed oxygen into CPAP mask to improve efficiency. Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) improves ability of lungs to absorb oxygen.

This BiPAP can act as Pressure Supported (Non-invasive) Ventilator. It has timed (T) and support (S) functions. Also for central sleep apnea and COPD.

Different inhale and exhale pressures to be most comfortable CPAP.  It also actively help a person to breathe.

Nasal masks are comfortable as mouth is not covered. The mask only covers the nose.

Nasal pillow mask is lightest mask for nose breathers. It seals from outside against the bottom of the nose.

They are great masks if you can learn to sleep with mouth closed – often possible when CPAP prevents apnea and snoring.  (All three sizes are included with our BMC masks.)

A full face mask is required for mouth breathers. The mask covers both nose and mouth.

We have a variety of models in stock to meet your needs.  Available in sizes L, M & S (Sizes sold separately).

Portable oxygen machines improve mobility and quality of life for persons requiring more oxygen – even away from home.

The most convenient source of oxygen, with lower cost in the long run.

No more oxygen cylinders requiring emergency refill.

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